Earlier this year, the Home Secretary revealed her nightmare vision of the future. We have a better dream. A dream where no one is sent to Rwanda.

As part of our Winter Appeal, we asked people seeking safety in Scotland to share their hopes and dreams for the future.

Our dreams

“My hope for the future is that everything will go back to the way it was before [I had to leave my home in Afghanistan], continuing my education and my life without worrying.”

– Yalda, call handler for our Afghan Citizens Information Service


“I’m hoping for a future where we feel safe and we feel accepted. Where there’s no discrimination, no racism, no second-class citizens. We don’t have to look over our shoulder when we’re on the street. Where we all live as one, support each other and work as a team to help make this country, and the world, a better place. That’s my dream.”

– Comfort, Scottish Refugee Council volunteer and mum of one, currently trapped in the asylum system


“My biggest hope for the future is that the war will end soon and we’ll come back to our country and see our friends and relatives.”

– Vitalii, lawyer and mediator, currently supporting other Ukrainians in Scotland


“My hope for the future is to just be happy and healthy. To have a bright future for myself, for my family, for my kids and for every human being on the planet.”

– Pashtoon, call handler for our Afghan Citizens Information Service


Suella’s nightmare

“I would love to have a front page of The Telegraph with a plane taking off to Rwanda. That’s my dream, it’s my obsession.”

– Suella Braverman, UK Home Secretary


The Home Secretary dreams of breaking international law and sending people seeking refugee protection to Rwanda.

We’d like to swap that nightmare for a different kind of dream. One where people fleeing war and persecution are treated with dignity, compassion and respect.

Together, we can make this dream a reality.

Please donate to our Winter Appeal and help us to create a better, brighter future with refugees in Scotland.

Even a small donation can make a big difference to people’s lives.

Rachel Lamb
Author: Rachel Lamb