We have signed an open letter, along with 180 organisations and charities, calling for all political party leaders to take a stand against violence and hateful language towards people seeking protection.

The letter is in response to a deeply worrying incident in Knowsley on Friday outside a hotel where people seeking asylum were housed.

Fifteen people have since been arrested following the violent clashes.

In response to the attacks, our CEO Sabir Zazai has called for an emphasis on ‘basic human decency’ rather than ‘party politics’.

He said: “These are vulnerable people who have already suffered and struggled to find safety.  They need our compassion not hatred. This isn’t about party politics, it’s about basic human decency. The very least all political leaders could do is to condemn the attack on people seeking sanctuary in our communities. Leaders of all political parties must call for the ending of these hostile policies and hateful language that only fuels division and anger.

“We all have shared duty to nurture our cohesion and strengthen what bind us together as communities in these challenging times.”

The open letter, coordinated by Together with Refugees, states:

“Those who incite this anger and violence bring shame on this country, on the vast majority who are proud of our history of helping those in danger around the world. This does not reflect the people of Britain. This is not who we are.”

We have also expressed concern over recent unrest in Erskine over the housing of people seeking asylum in hotels. We have called on the Home Office, the Scottish government and local councils to work together to support communities in welcoming people seeking protection.

Gilly Furmage
Author: Gilly Furmage