Modern Studies pupils at Clydebank High School share a heartfelt message of friendship and support for people who have been forced to flee their homes.

Young people from S6 ‘showed their heart’ by writing welcome messages on orange hearts and creating a colourful display.

Pupils composed their messages after hearing about the situation facing people in Afghanistan at assembly.

They also learned about other issues and myths surrounding refugees and people seeking asylum.

The school has previously welcomed pupils from Syria.

The orange heart is the symbol of welcome and support for refugees used by Together With Refugees, a coalition of over 200 members calling for a fairer and more humane asylum system in the UK. It features the colours of the Refugee Nations flag, which is inspired by a lifebelt.

Clydebank’s S6 pupils have decided to put their heart shaped messages inside books which can be delivered as welcome gifts to help New Scots settling into their new communities.

The pupils said: “I wanted to treat the refugees the same way I hoped others would if I was in their place, welcoming them and helping them.”

“We understand that it can be overwhelming moving away from home and having to join a new school, so we felt that it was important that we help them feel comfortable and are able to enjoy their new experiences as pupils of Clydebank High school.”

This Valentine’s Day, we’re inviting people across Scotland to join us in sharing messages of friendship and compassion for people who have been forced to flee their homes by creating their own orange heart display.

Share your orange heart posts with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #TogetherWithRefugees. We’d love to see as many people as possible across Scotland join us in showing their support for refugees.
Laura Delaney
Author: Laura Delaney