New Scots Connect

New Scots Connect is a Scotland-wide network of community groups working with people seeking refugee protection.

We coordinate and support the network to bring groups and organisations together to learn from each other, share their expertise and access support. Working together we can all help newcomers feel more welcome, supported and connected in Scotland.

Members of the network have access to an online forum in order to work more closely with each other, share their experiences and knowledge, and access training and funding opportunities.

New Scots Connect is supported by five Regional Integration Coordinators, based throughout Scotland. The coordinators provide groups with support and advice where required, and work to build connections within and among community groups.

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Who can get involved?

Your organisation can join the network if you are a:

  • Refugee-led community
  • Local or neighbourhood group
  • Integration network
  • Faith-based community
  • Youth group
  • Community of interest/nationality
  • Registered charity
  • Social enterprise
  • Contracted by local authority
  • Community sponsorship group.

Regional coordinators

To join the New Scots Connect network, get in touch with one of our regional coordinators.

North East Region:

South West Region:

North West Region:

South East Region: