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Family Rights Service


Our Family Rights Service supports parents and their children from the start to the end of the asylum process. We are here to listen, provide a safe space for families and help them to navigate the challenging circumstances they may be experiencing.

Who is this service for?

The Family Rights Service is for families with children aged 0-18, who have recently entered the asylum process. This includes pregnant women and single parents.

How we help

We know that going through the asylum process can be a scary, stressful, lonely and confusing experience. Many newly-arrived families face difficulties and some have multiple, complex needs. But we also know that families can go on to thrive.

Our Family Rights Service supports parents and children through every step on their asylum journey. Your case manager will be on hand to provide advice and support on everything from healthcare and housing to education, welfare and legal assistance.

What support do we provide?

You will get free, one-to-one support from a case manager, who will work with you and your legal representatives to help you understand the asylum process.

Your case manager will:

  • Support you to understand your rights
  • Explain the importance of getting legal advice
  • Reinforce your understanding of your asylum case
  • Give you advice on asylum support and accommodation
  • Advocate on your behalf with the Home Office and other professionals
  • Help you access welfare and health services
  • Help you and your children to access education
  • Help you to access any practical help you might need
  • Explain the role of key professionals working with you
  • Arrange an interpreter in your preferred language to enable them to work with you

Get in touch

Please call 0808 1967 274 or email us to make an appointment.


The Family Rights Service is delivered by Scottish Refugee Council in partnership with Latta & Co and JustRight Scotland. It is funded by Justice Together, The Robertson Trust, and Glasgow City Council.


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Make an appointment for this service: 0808 196 7274

"I truly believe this project will make a positive difference to people's lives. We hope that giving each family a case manager, to help them join the dots, will improve their experience of the asylum system and lead to more positive outcomes.”

Service Manager, Esther Munchena 

Q&A with Esther

Over the next three years, our Family Rights Service will provide 200 families with guidance and support at every step in their asylum journey. Service Manager, Esther Muchena, tells us more about this new approach.

Raim's story

When she arrived in Scotland, Raim knew very little about the asylum system and had no friends or family to turn to for support. Now she and her son are both thriving.

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