Fair Begins Here

Fair Begins Here is a UK-wide campaign calling for a better plan for refugees. 

Ahead of the General Election, we’re asking all political parties to commit to a fair new plan for refugees. And we’re inviting groups, organisations and people across Scotland to join us.

The UK’s cruel and uncaring asylum system traps people in poverty and prevents them from rebuilding their lives. 

Too many people are stuck in limbo – separated from their families and barred from working – while they wait for their asylum claims to be processed. Too many face the threat of homelessness or are living in short term accommodation, cramped hotel rooms and army barracks.

These policies aren’t working for refugees and they aren’t working for local communities. It's time for a new approach.

This is our chance to show politicians from all parties that Scotland wants kinder, fairer and more effective refugee policies.

We're calling for a fair new plan for refugees

We’ve had enough of cruel policies, divisive language, short-term thinking and wasted human potential. We need an asylum system that works for everyone and is well-managed, compassionate and fair.

We want for the next UK government to:

  • Scrap the Rwanda scheme and protect the right of people fleeing war and persecution to claim asylum in the UK 
  • Provide a proper strategy for welcoming and integrating refugees, ensuring asylum claims are heard quickly and fairly, and people are supported to rebuild their lives
  • Build stronger global cooperation to tackle the root causes that force people to flee their homes and open safe route to refugee protection so people don't have to risk their lives making dangerous journeys

The Fair Begins Here Promise

We commit to do all we can to make this happen by:

  • Standing together and rejecting attempts to divide us
  • Building communities that welcome refugees in solidarity and love
  • Taking action to win a fair new plan for refugees in Scotland - and across the UK

People want a fairer asylum system

Some politicians tell us that hostile refugee policies are what the British people want. They don't speak for us and we know many others feel the same.

A recent poll commissioned by Together With Refugees found that 80% of people in Britain want an asylum system that is well managed, fair and compassionate.

Every day, we see people across the country go the extra mile to welcome refugees by opening their homes, volunteering, donating and speaking out. And we see the many ways that refugees enrich our communities as they rebuild their lives in Scotland.

Why an orange heart?

The orange heart is the symbol of Together With Refugees, a coalition of more than 600 groups and organisations across the UK, united by our belief in the need for a fair and compassionate asylum system.

It incorporates the colours of the refugee nation flag, which is inspired by a lifebelt and represents hope and resilience.

How you can get involved

1. Show your support on social media

  • Add an orange heart emoji to your profile
  • Post orange heart pictures, selfies and messages of solidarity on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FairBeginsHere
  • Share one of our Fair Begins Here graphics and ask friends and family to share it too. You can find a selection here.

2. Connect with us

Let us know about any Fair Begins Here events and activities you’re planning in Scotland – we’d love to help spread the word. Email media@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk

3. Join the Together With Refugees coalition

Sign up to become part of Together With Refugees and join the UK-wide campaign for a fairer and more compassionate asylum system.

Together, we can show politicians and the media that most people want a fair new plan for refugees that works for everyone. Fair Begins Here.

Help us make Scotland a more welcoming place for people seeking safety