The threatening and hostile actions of far right extremists towards people in asylum hotels is putting individuals and communities at risk.

We’re disgusted by the hostility shown towards people who are here in the UK seeking a safe place to rebuild their lives.

We understand community tensions and concerns about the availability of services in areas that are already suffering from underinvestment and the cost of living crisis. But these concerns are being exploited by extremists and racists, emboldened, we believe, by the UK Government’s failure to show responsible leadership on asylum policy.

We have written today to the Home Secretary to remind her of the Home Office’s powers and responsibilities regarding community cohesion, race relations and equalities.

The letter, which expresses out deep concern at the situation, sets out a five point plan we urge the Home Secretary to adopt:

  • Stop using irresponsible and inflammatory language when discussing people seeking protection
  • Deliver an asylum system that is fit for purpose, that meets people’s needs and is underpinned by adequate investment targeted at communities’ and individuals’ needs
  • Apply a zero-tolerance policy towards far-right extremism
  • Proactively and consistently monitor community tensions
  • Invest in communities that host new arrivals and consult and involve them in decision-making

Our CEO Sabir Zazai said

“The Home Secretary must step up now and take responsibility for this situation. There has been a dreadful lack of responsible leadership around asylum in the UK for too long. That kind of gap in leadership creates the conditions where extremists feel emboldened, with deeply troubling and frightening consequences.”

We have also written to Scottish authorities, including the police, outlining our concerns and requesting their support in this call for responsible leadership.

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Pauline D
Author: Pauline D