People talk to us about their lives and experiences every day. In many cases, our advisers are the first people to listen.

These words have been shared with us by some of our colleagues at Scottish Refugee Council. In their role as advisers, they provide practical advice and emotional support to men, women and children who have fled conflict and persecution from around the world.

The aim of “I Hear You” is to highlight some of the many conversations that take place between our caseworkers and their clients, and to share a small insight into life in Glasgow for refugees and asylum seekers today.

We’ve teamed up with some well-known Scottish storytellers to share some of these moments, to acknowledge, to listen and to say we hear you.

This week, in the lead up to World Refugee Day on Saturday 20th June, we are delighted to present this short film. To those who left their country, to those who miss their loved ones, to those who fight to belong, we hear you.

With thanks to the following people for being part of this film: Denise Mina, Val McDermid, Katie Leung, Elaine C Smith, Anna Saleem, Adam Kashmiry, and Jean Johansson, and to our colleagues and clients who shared their words.

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Chris Afuakwah
Author: Chris Afuakwah