Today we are gathering with more than 200 colleagues from across Scotland for the New Scots 2022 conference.

Among the delegates are representatives from 50+ community groups dedicated to building thriving, welcoming communities across the country.

At the heart of New Scots is a vision for Scotland as a place where everyone feels welcomed, included and supported. But the visions is just the starting point. Working together, through difficult times, and securing long-term commitment for positive change, is what will get us there.

Our Chief Executive Sabir Zazai, speaking at the conference in Glasgow, said:

“Scotland is committed to supporting refugees, asylum seekers and our communities through the pioneering and collaborative approach of the New Scots refugee integration strategy.

“Our first New Scots strategy was published in 2014. Since then, Scotland has supported refugee resettlement in all 32 of our local authorities under UK Syrian resettlement programmes.

“New Scots are assets to our communities: sharing their culture, building businesses, working in our public services, volunteering their skills and making friendships.

“Through the current New Scots Strategy we committed to supporting integration into our communities from day one;  working in partnership to provide people with the safety and security they need as they begin to rebuild their lives; and developing opportunities for everyone to be able to build, share and use their skills as members of our communities.

“This year’s New Scots Conference brings together stakeholders from all over Scotland and serves as an important opportunity to celebrate the impacts and successes of the New Scots refugee integration strategy.

“It is also an opportunity to celebrate the work being done by the organisations and funded projects through the New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project.

“In August 2021, we announced the award of £2.8 million funding to refugee projects which support New Scots to settle in their new communities by promoting employability, education, health, and social and cultural connections. These grants were provided under the New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project, utilising EU funding. People’s lived experience shaped the current strategy and has been instrumental in the success of the New Scots Project.”

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Pauline D
Author: Pauline D