Scottish Refugee Council receive regular enquiries from the media looking to speak to people with lived experience of seeking asylum.

We know that speaking to the media is challenging. It is important that you look after yourself and feel prepared before doing any interviews. Sharing your story should be a positive experience. And to share your story, you need to know what you want to share, and what you’d prefer to keep to yourself.

We will be holding a series of online workshops for refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland who are interested in speaking to the media – perhaps about the work of your community group or your experience of living in Scotland. These workshops are an opportunity to practice skills, ask questions, meet new people, prepare for media interviews and find your story.

The first session will be Wednesday 29th September 2021 – 12-2pm. These sessions will be online to ensure that people from across Scotland can attend, with plans for an in-person event later in the year. Places are limited so that people can get the most benefit from these sessions, but if there is high demand we can run multiple sessions.

Workshops may change depending on the needs of the group, but will aim to cover the following topics over 6 sessions.

  • 29th Sep: Finding your story
  • 13th Oct: Looking after yourself in the media
  • 27th Oct: Dealing with difficult questions
  • 10th Nov: Working with journalists
  • 24th Nov: Representing your organisation/community
  • 08th Dec: Mock interviews (in-person)

You will need – pen, paper, internet access. Let us know if you need support with any of these.

If you are interested in media work, we will support you before/during/after any interviews.


How to apply?

Register here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Any questions? Contact My working days are Mon-Thurs 9-5.


This project is part funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.

Laura Delaney
Author: Laura Delaney