Please support our Ramadan Appeal and help refugees and asylum seekers in urgent need.

Ramadan Mubarak from everyone here at Scottish Refugee Council. In this holy month of Ramadan, we are calling on your kindness and generosity to support people seeking safety in Scotland who desperately need our help.

The asylum system is becoming more unkind, ineffective and inhumane by the day. People fleeing war and persecution are being left in a state of limbo and uncertainty as a result of UK government policies – separated from their families and barred from finding work. Many are currently facing homelessness.

Your generous donations, Fidya, or Kaffarah could be the lifeline they are waiting for.


By chosing to give to our Ramadan Appeal , you will be ensuring that people facing destitution:
  • Get help to understand and access their rights
  • Are listened to and treated with compassion
  • Receive bassic essentials to improve their situation
Please give what you can this Ramadan and help refugees in urgent need of support.

Light a lantern on our virtual tree

In a moonlit forest, a tree has branches filled with lanterns lighting up the darknessYou can also show your support during this holy month of Ramadan by lighting a lantern on our virtual tree.

In exchange for a small donation, you can chose a lantern to light and leave a message of hope and solidarity for people seeking safety in Scotland.

The more lanterns our wonderful supporters light, the more brightly our tree will shine in the darkness, lighting the way for people we support.

Click here to light a lantern on our virtual tree.

Please donate to our Ramadan Appeal if you can and support those in need today.



Rachel Lamb
Author: Rachel Lamb