Refugee Festival Scotland 2024 will run from 14-23 June – and the theme is RISE.

Every day, we see people – who have been forced to abandon their homes and flee to safety – rise above the challenges and uncertainty and rebuild their lives in Scotland.

Their courage, strength and resilience is our inspiration.

Refugee Festival Scotland honours those who have made Scotland their home. It celebrates the wealth of art, culture, stories and traditions that New Scots bring to our communities. And it promotes a vision for society where everyone can blossom and has an equal opportunity to flourish.

Our unique and uplifting festival brings people together for a celebration like no other. Over ten days, a packed programme of events, exhibitions and live performances will showcase the food, drink, music, poetry, art, language and ideas that people bring with them when they settled in Scotland.

We want to shine a spotlight on the communities that welcome new neighbours and the caring, creative and inclusive community spaces that help people seeking safety feel at home.

The last few years have been tough. But together, we can rise above the hostile environment and build a better future with refugees in Scotland.

We can be there for one another in difficult times. Lift each other up when we fall. Find strength and unity in diversity.

Together, we can build more joyful, inclusive communities where everyone belongs, feels supported and has a voice.

We look forward to discovering the many ways that artists, activists and communities across Scotland respond to our new theme.

You are all invited to join us next June, when we rise together in celebration, solidarity, friendship and welcome.

More information about funding opportunities, event guidelines and how how you can take part in Refugee Festival Scotland 2024 coming soon.

Rachel Lamb
Author: Rachel Lamb