We’ve joined forces with 100 organisations across Scotland to reject the UK government’s Refugee Ban Bill.

We are calling for Home Secretary Suella Braverman to scrap her cruel Illegal Migration Bill. The UN Refugee Agency has called this bill an ‘asylum ban’. We agree. That’s why we’re calling it the Refugee Ban Bill.

You can read our joint statement, written in partnership with JustRight Scotland, in full here. 

This bill will not stop desperate people from seeking safety. But it will cost lives.

If Suella Braverman really wanted to stop people from risking their lives on dangerous channel crossings, she would provide safe routes for people seeking safety. Instead, she is trying to force through legislation that will prevent survivors of trafficking, torture, war and persecution from claiming refugee protection.  

This bill slams the door on people whose lives are in danger because of their religious beliefs, political views, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. It will remove the fundamental human right to claim asylum from people arriving in the UK. And it goes against Scottish laws set up to protect survivors of trafficking and exploitation.  

What we’re doing to oppose the Refugee Ban Bill

We’re calling for all MPs, especially those representing constituents in Scotland, to work together to reject this bill in its entirety  

We also call on the Scottish Government and all MSPs in the Scottish Parliament to: 

  • Reject this Bill in its entirety 
  • Bring a motion for debate to withhold legislative consent for the Bill
  • Outline a plan to protect refugees and trafficking survivors
  • Reaffirm Scotland’s commitment to human rights including compliance with the Refugee Convention, the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child  

What you can do to help stop the Refugee Ban Bill

If you are an organisation

1. Add your name to our joint statement

There is still time for your organisation to add its name to our joint statement.

If you would like to be included, email jrfa@justrightscotland.org.uk and we will send you a social media pack

2. Join Together With Refugees

Together With Refugees, is a coalition of more than 500 organisations across the UK campaigning for a more compassionate asylum system. Follow them on social media and find out how you can join the movement here. 

If you are an individual

1. Take a stand on social media

Show your opposition to the Refugee Ban Bill on social media and ask others to do the same. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can share one of our social media graphics, which you can download here, and use the wording suggested below.  

I’m calling for the UK government to scrap the #RefugeeBanBill and open safe routes to asylum for people fleeing war, torture and persecution. #AyeWelcomeRefugees

2. Ask Scotland’s MPs to oppose the bill

Make it clear to Scotland’s MPs that you reject the Refugee Ban Bill and want them to vote against it.

You can find the name of your MP and how to contact them here

We can all use Twitter to publicly and politely call for Scotland’s MPs to do the right thing. You can take part by tagging your MP in a Twitter post calling for them to vote against the #RefugeeBanBill  

If you’re not sure what to write, you can copy and paste the suggested wording below.  

I’m calling for [tag MP here] to do what is right for Scotland and vote against the #RefugeeBanBill.

The vast majority of Scottish MPs voted against the bill when it went through its second reading in the House of Commons on Monday 13 March. You can find a full list of how MPs voted here.

If your MP is one of the few Scottish MPs that voted in favour of the bill, you can call them, write to them, or visit them in person to let them know how you feel about this legislation and urge them to vote against the bill at the next available opportunity.

Read our joint statement, drafted in partnership with JustRight Scotland, in full here.


Rachel Lamb
Author: Rachel Lamb