We’re lucky to work with so many fantastic groups and organisations supporting refugee and asylum-seeking women in Scotland. To celebrate international women’s day, we’ve listed a few of our favourites…

Women’s Support Project

The Women’s Support Project works across Scotland to end violence against women. The charity supports migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women who are socially isolated and/or have experienced violence or abuse, offering befriending, short courses and community-based events. The charity also provides training and resources for service providers and community organisations and work to help tackle FGM in Scotland

Find out more about Women’s Support Project here.

Dundee International Women’s Centre

A multi-cultural ‘women-only’ space that provides educational, recreational and social activities for disadvantaged and excluded women from over 60 countries. The centre is passionate about supporting women and girls, from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, to flourish and achieve their goals. They offer a range of classes, qualifications and social groups.

Find out more about Dundee International Women’s Centre here

Moments of Freedom

Moments of Freedom is a project led by New Scots women in Clydebank, in partnership with Outside the Box and West Dunbartonshire Council. This family-friendly group aims to help build and strengthen relationships in the local community. They hold monthly gatherings, bringing people together in a relaxed space, where they can chat over a hot drink and a piece of cake, share experiences and learn from each other.

Find out more about Moments of Freedom here


MILK is a social enterprise set up to empower and support refugee and migrant women in Glasgow. They run a catering company and community space in Govanhill on the Southside of the city. MILK hosts workshops, classes and events, and provides women with a safe and welcoming place to meet, share ideas and learn from each other.

Find out more about MILK here

Amina – The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre

This award-winning sisterhood helps address the key issues and needs of Muslim Women in Scotland. Amina offers a range of tailored support services, including a national helpline, a befriending service, employment guidance, and support for New Scots. The organisation aims to inspire, empower and support Muslim and BME women across Scotland by campaigning to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met.

Find out more about Amina here


ANYiSO, aims to end violence and discrimination against African and ethnic minority women and children. It’s a safe space where women can learn, grow and achieve their potential.  ANYiSO campaigns against domestic abuse, forced marriages, gender inequality and female genital mutilation. The charity also offers a drop in centre, workshops and training , IT skills and computer access, a kids book club, and English classes.

Find out more about ANYiSO here

Glasgow Women’s Library

The only resource of its kind in Scotland, The Glasgow Women’s Library is dedicated to documenting and celebrating women’s lives, histories and achievements. The library runs workshops, training and social activities – including English language classes for New Scots – designed to empower women and help them to play an active role in their communities. They help to break down barriers and enable women – especially the most vulnerable and excluded in society – to get the information, resources and service they need to make positive life choices.

Find out more about the Glasgow Women’s Library here

Ubuntu Women Shelter

This Glasgow-based charity provides unconditional practical support for destitute women and people of other marginalised genders who have no recourse to public funds and insecure immigration status in Scotland.

Find out more about Ubuntu Women Shelter here

KWISA – African Women in Scotland Association

This Edinburgh-based organisation aims to connect, empower and support African women in Scotland so they can achieve their full potential and play an active role in their communities. The group offers training, information, volunteering opportunities and social activities and campaigns against FGM and violence against women.

Find out more about KWISA here

HSTAR Scotland

Stirling-based, HSTAR Scotland aims to support and empower women affected by trauma and abuse, including newly-arrived refugees and migrants. The charity provides therapy, advocacy, counselling and practical support to promote healing, improve mental and physical wellbeing and empower women to become active citizens and equal partners. Services are offered in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish, Guajarati, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Syrian, Mandarin and Chinese.

Find out more about HSTAR Scotland here


An award-winning charity working in Edinburgh, Glasgow and other parts of Scotland to support the mental health and well-being of black, minority ethnic, asylum seeking and refugee women. Saheliya aims to promote well-being by combating the effects of discrimination and abuse, reducing the stigma around mental health, and improving access to mainstream services. The organisation offers a range of services from counselling and complimentary therapies to gardening, childcare and a learning hub.

Find out more about Saheliya here

Soul Food Sisters

This amazing group of migrant and local women from the East End of Glasgow have created a vibrant, female-led collective centred around their shared love of food. Their not-for-profit catering company runs a café and workshops which brings together women from all over the world. By swapping recipes, ideas and skills, they make each other’s lives brighter and develop their talents –  in the kitchen and beyond.

Find out more about Soul Food Sisters here

Take a look at our New Scots Connect Map to find groups and organisations supporting people seeking safety across Scotland. 

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Rachel Lamb
Author: Rachel Lamb