As a new UK government moves into power, we welcome this opportunity for a re-set of the policies and practices around the right to seek refugee protection in the UK.

For too long, asylum has been used by politicians and governments as an issue to divide the public and stir up racism and anti-migrant feeling. We hope and expect the new government to turn their back on that approach from their first day in power.

Instead, we want to see a sense of normality return to the issue of refugee protection; an acceptance that people move around the world, that global conflicts and instability continue to force record numbers of people to seek safety elsewhere, and a recognition that the UK has an important role to play in meeting its international obligations and providing protection to those who need it through asylum and safe routes.

We want to see the new government recognise the humanity and decency of people seeking asylum here and reflect this in domestic policy and practices within the protection system.

Along with colleagues across the UK’s refugee support sector, we will be seeking meetings with the new government to explain where attention and reform is most urgently needed, including:

We look forward to working with the new UK government to do all we can to help them achieve this.

Join our campaign for a fair new deal for people seeking refugee protection.

Laura Delaney
Author: Laura Delaney