Family reunion



More than half the world’s refugees are children, many of them separated from their parents and loved ones. Families often become separated in war zones and while fleeing to a safer country, but lengthy separation from family members causes deep and prolonged pain and anxiety.

The UK’s family reunion rules are extremely strict. Separated children already living in the UK are not allowed to sponsor their parents or siblings to join them.

We believe this is wrong.

Too many families are being torn apart by these hostile rules and children and young people in particular are forced into dangerous situations. People’s lives are put on hold as they struggle to integrate into a new society without their loved ones by their side.

We are part of a coalition of 20 organisations, including Oxfam, Amnesty and the Refugee Council, calling on the UK Government to make a few simple changes to bring #familiestogether. We believe everyone has the right to family life.

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