Indefinite leave to remain and citizenship information sessions

Available for commissioned dates


Are you a Local Authority looking for information sessions for refugees? These sessions are for people with Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection Status, who want to continue to live in the UK at the end of 5 years Leave to Remain when they have to apply for Settlement Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). After 12 months of Settlement, ILR people have the opportunity to apply for British citizenship.

These information sessions were developed with an OISC Level 2 adviser, and outline the differences between the different statuses and the entitlements that go with them. The sessions highlight the issues that people need to consider before applying, what to expect when applying, and what happens afterwards.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) settlement for people with five years refugee or humanitarian protection status  

This session covers:

  • The difference between Refugee Status, Humanitarian Protection and ILR
  • Why do people need to apply for ILR Settlement
  • Where people should get legal advice (and who they shouldn’t listen to)
  • How to apply, who needs to apply with you, and what documentation you might need
  • What happens if you apply after your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) has run out
  • What restrictions there are once you have applied
  • Why your application might be rejected and what you need to do
  • Why your application might be refused and what might happen next

British citizenship for people with refugee or humanitarian protection settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain - ILR)  

This session covers:

  • What to consider before deciding to apply for citizenship
  • Considerations for children - where they were born, and what status did their parents have
  • Considerations for adults - prove knowledge of English and Life in the UK test
  • When and how to apply for British Citizenship
  • Suitable referees
  • Residency requirements
  • Where to get legal advice
  • How much it costs for adults and children
  • Getting a British Passport

Who is this course for? 

Local Authorities can commission the sessions to provide information to refugees in their local area. The price of the sessions depend on the length and number of sessions, number of participants and any additional cost for expenses such as travel. 

More information 

Each session is 90 minutes and is delivered on secure Zoom. The sessions are delivered in English to support people to familiarise themselves with key immigration terms, and if language interpretation is needed Scottish Refugee Council can supply an interpreter for an additional fee. There are many opportunities for participants to ask questions and there is a factsheet to support each session. Up to 16 devices can join the sessions and we recommend prioritising those people who are coming up to the end of their current immigration status in the next year.