Our five-year Strategic Plan


Our central ambition

By 2028, we want Scotland to be the best place for refugees to thrive, challenge injustice, achieve their ambitions and empower their communities, no matter where they have come from or how they arrived.

Our 2023-28 Strategic Framework sets out what we hope to achieve over the next five years and how we aim to do it. This plan has been shaped by our vision, mission and values and the input of refugee communities across Scotland.

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is of a Scotland in which all people seeking refugee protection are welcome.

Our mission is to build a society where people of all ages are protected, find safety and support, have their human rights and dignity respected and are able to achieve their full potential.

Our values

Respect and dignity: We believe everyone has the right to be treated with respect, dignity and empathy. We respect our people and invest in our staff and volunteers to help them realise their potential

Empowering and enabling: We value people’s lived experience. We seek to empower people to access their rights, and enable them to participate fully in their new homes and communities.

Courageous and resilient: We are an independent charity committed to upholding the human rights of refugees. We are courageous and resilient when advocating for refugee rights.

Creative and transparent: We aim for excellence and best quality in everything we do, valuing transparency, creativity, participation and learning.

How we need to change

To achieve this central ambition, we need to make some changes

1. Nothing about refugee without refugees

Almost two thirds of our staff have experienced what it is to be a refugee. We are committed to finding creative and transparent ways to involve the people and communities we exist for and ensure this is central to everything we do.

2. Strengthening our people’s resilience and wellbeing 

We want our staff and volunteers to feel recognised, valued and appreciated. We will invest more in the welfare and personal development of our people and ensure they have the time, resources, training and support they need to thrive.

3. Integrating and sharing knowledge and learning

We will improve how we plan, prioritise, monitor and evaluate our work, taking time to reflect and learn and developing new and better ways to capture, package and share this knowledge across the organisation and more widely.

Our strategic priorities

From now until 2028, everything we do will be shaped by five strategic priorities:

1. Nothing about refugees without refugees

2. Refugees receive consistent quality and support

3. Our expertise informs good policy, practice and advice

4. Public opinion supports and welcomes refugees

5. Our people are supported to do their best


You can find more detail about each of our five strategic priorities and how we plan to deliver on them in our 2023-28 Strategic Framework.

This framework sets out what we hope to achieve over the next five years and how we plan to do it. It has been shaped by our vision, mission and values.