Take part in our Fair Begins Here Valentine’s Day action and show your support for refugees in Scotland.

Our asylum system is becoming more uncaring and chaotic by the day. Too many people are suffering as a result. The UK government keeps telling us that these hostile policies are what the British people want. But they don’t speak for us and we know many others feel the same way.

Fair Begins Here is a new campaign calling for a better plan for refugees. This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be sharing orange hearts and messages of welcome in solidarity with people seeking safety. And we’re asking people, communities and organisations across Scotland to take part.

We need to show politicians and the media that most people want a well-run asylum system that is compassionate and fair. Together, we can overcome hate, fear and division with a huge outpouring of love, friendship and support for people seeking safety.

Join us on 14 February and help kickstart the biggest ever call for politicians to introduce a fair new plan for refugees.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Create an orange heart display in your community centre, school, office, library or place of worship. Invite people to show their support for people seeking safety by adding messages of hope, welcome and solidarity.
2. Show your support on social media by posting orange heart photos, videos, selfies and messages of solidarity with the hashtag #FairBeginsHere. Create your own content, or use one of these pictures.
3. If you’re taking part in any Fair Begins Here events or activities, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know what you have planned and send us your orange heart photos and displays so we can include them in our social media gallery.

You could draw, paint or stich a heart, craft one in clay, bake heart-shaped cakes and cookies, or write messages of hope on heart-shaped pieces of paper. How you take part is entirely up to you!

Contact us by email at media@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk or drop us a DM on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Why an orange heart?

The orange heart is the symbol of Together With Refugees, a coalition of over 600 groups and organisations across the UK calling for a fairer and more compassionate asylum system. We’re proud to be one of the founding members of Together With Refugees.

The heart is a symbol that we can all stand behind. It incorporates the colours of the refugee nation flag, which were inspired by a lifebelt, representing hope.

Check out the Fair Begins Here campaign toolkit for tips and resources to help you make a big-hearted splash in your community this Valentine’s Day.

Together With Refugees has also collaborated with Schools of Sanctuary to produce an activity pack specially aimed at schools. You can download it here and share with anyone interested.


Rachel Lamb
Author: Rachel Lamb