We are devastated by the passing of the ‘Safety of Rwanda Bill’.

The new law will allow the UK government to try to remove people who have fled violence and persecution to a country the Supreme Court has ruled unsafe.

Policies like the Rwanda scheme aren’t working for people seeking protection and they aren’t working for local communities.

Instead of cruel policies like these, we, alongside Together with Refugees, are calling for a new plan for refugees – one that is fair and works for everyone.

Our CEO Sabir Zazai said: “This news will be deeply worrying for people seeking safety in the UK who may now face removal to Rwanda.

“The scheme will try to remove people who have experienced violence and oppression to a country that has been ruled unsafe for them by the Supreme Court. It’s hugely expensive and will not tackle either the ‘backlog’ or work as a deterrent. Crises across the globe will continue to force people to leave their homes in search of safety and they deserve just that; not threats of detention and removal. We all have the legal right to claim asylum.

“It is a dark day when we turn our back on people seeking sanctuary and instead penalise and scapegoat people we should be protecting. Divisive policies and hateful rhetoric do not reflect the views of the general public, and the misinformation we see daily in the press and in politics does not reflect our clients, colleagues and the communities we work with.

“We know that the UK public does not support the Rwanda scheme. In fact, 80% of people want an asylum system that is fair and compassionate. We stand in solidarity with everyone affected by the Bill’s passing. We will continue to speak up and fight cruel policies like these at every turn. We will always stand up for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum.”

We have written to the Prime Minister to express our outrage at this shameful Bill. More than 265 organisations have signed the open letter.

The letter states:

“As organisations working towards a better future for all, we believe in kindness and compassion. The Government must listen to the people, abandon this deplorable deal with Rwanda and similar plans with other countries, and protect those who need sanctuary.”

What next?

The fight is not over. We know the public does not support the Rwanda plan.

What you can do
  1. Share a message of solidarity on social media with the hashtag #AyeWelcomeRefugees. You can use your own picture or download one of ours. Please remember to tag us in your posts so we can like and share.
  2. Join the Together With Refugees campaign calling for a better, fairer and more compassionate asylum system.
  3. Set up a regular donation. It’s one of the most effective ways to help us continue providing refugees across Scotland with vital information, advice and practical support

If you are worried about how this law might affect you, please call our free helpline on

0808 196 7274

Gilly Furmage
Author: Gilly Furmage