We remain resolutely opposed to the ‘Safety of Rwanda” Act and Illegal Migration Act. 

We are deeply concerned by reports of the Home Office plans to detain people seeking asylum ahead of the implementation of removals to Rwanda. 

We know the public does not support the Rwanda plan. 

Scotland has a long history of opposing shameful policies of state violence like these, such as dawn raids and lock change evictions. We stand in solidarity with anyone affected by these latest developments. 

Police Scotland have a duty to protect public safety and have responsibilities to the welfare of all in Scotland and in particular victims of trafficking in Scotland. 

Opposition to the Rwanda plan and outsourcing of this country’s human rights obligations towards refugees is not over. 

Policies like the Rwanda scheme aren’t working for people seeking protection and they aren’t working for local communities. 

Instead of cruel policies like these, we, alongside Together with Refugees, are calling for a new plan for refugees – one that is fair and works for everyone. 

We have put together advice and information for people who may be affected by news of the Rwanda Act.

Gilly Furmage
Author: Gilly Furmage