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Do We Look Like Refugees? By Beyond Borders

This summer Beyond Borders has produced two international theatre productions for the Edinburgh Fringe, one of which has already won an award!

Do We Look Like Refugees?!’ portrays the lives of Ossetian refugees after the Georgian-Russia war in 2008. The show has won a prestigious Fringe First award from the Scotsman.

This verbatim piece is an honest account of the lives of refugees.  As Lyn Gardner from The Guardian says,

“The people here speak for themselves, simply and directly – and they sing too, beautiful wistful songs of loss and hope.”

‘Do We Look Like Refugees?!’ is on at 11.35am at the Assembly Rooms until Monday 30 August.

As well as the theatre, Beyond Borders is showcasing the work of writers, intellectuals, artists and film-makers from various small nations at the Fringe.

Beyond Borders is an international organization dedicated to facilitating dialogue and cultural exchange between small nations.  For more information please visit

Chris Pettigrew
Author: Chris Pettigrew