Back and Forth2
The Maryhill Integration Network performs Back and Forth.

My father failed to fully endorse my intellect, so I am an undeclared supporter of women having the right of expression.

And from the experience of spending 16 of my formative years in Senegal and living in Europe for the past 21, I have drawn on the ability to make sense of different realities, to question the given, and I am commited to integrating these various elements in my life. I am drawn to contexts where various realities can interact and collaborate in order to impact local and global agents.

This year, Dance House – who I work for – Document and Maryhill Integration Network are partnering to curate a fabulous programme of film, dance performance and discussion as part of Document 8 and Black History Month.

First up on the programme ‘Forbidden Sun Dance’, documents director Aram Bayat’s journey from Iran into exile in Canada. After the 1979 revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, many areas of art were restricted and dance was banned. Several artists resisted the censorship and were executed, put in prison or forced into exile.  Choreographer Aram Bayat was one of these artists. 

After the screening, Maryhill Integration Network will be performing ‘Back and Forth’, a moving piece of dance, music and performance poetry, exploring the pain and sorrow of the forced and unexpected journeys of asylum seekers and refugees.

This partnership is a celebration of art, culture, and creativity. It is a platform for dialogue surrounding the issues of female artists in exile and the value of creativity in the lives of those seeking refuge.

It provides an insight into the creative challenge of understanding one’s artistic skills and creativity outside of their original contexts, away from home.

COME ALONG to the CCA and add your voice to the rich and vocal tapestry of freedom of movement and right of expression.

Read the full programme on the Dance House website

Chris Pettigrew
Author: Chris Pettigrew