This week Scottish Refugee Council is hosting its first-ever event at which refugees and asylum seekers can meet housing providers. Our Housing Officer Grant tells us more. 

We meet people every day who have questions about their rights when it comes to having a roof over their head, so we decided to organise an event which would give refugees a chance to talk to the people who have the answers.

On getting the right to remain in the UK people face a whole new set of challenges. One such challenge is finding somewhere to live. As a newly granted refugee, one of the first things you get is an eviction notice – a mere 28 days to leave a property.

 We know that moving on from Home Office accommodation into the housing process can be very difficult. Refugees tell us that they find the system confusing and are not always sure about the choices they have to make when moving from temporary Home Office accommodation currently provided by Serco to permanent accommodation.

Four housing associations that we work in partnership with will attend the event this Thursday. They will talk to people about their housing rights and entitlements, give more information about their local areas, and an insight into what people can expect. We hope that all who attend on Thursday will find it a positive and valuable experience.

The event is taking place at 1:45 pm on Thursday 22 August at Scottish Refugee Council’s Glasgow office.

Scottish Refugee Council’s housing team is part of its wider integration service which supports people who have recently received refugee status.

Chris Pettigrew
Author: Chris Pettigrew